The economic and social developments in our society has lead to significant change in life style and the diet of people, thus resulting in an increase in adult diseases.
The understanding of lipid metabolism is one of the basic requirements for the prevention and cure of these adult diseases such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc. The Lipid Research Group was organized in June 1980 by professionals studying clinical medicine, basic medicine, biochemistry, and nutrition to resolve lipid related health problems of our people. The Korean Society for Lipidology was established on Nov. 29, 1990, when the international lipid symposium in commemoration of the opening of the association was held.

Young Gil Choi was elected as the first president and the society has held two academic symposiums in the spring and fall every year since the first spring symposium in 1991.

Having joined the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences as a member in 1996, we have become a regular academic group. Also our activities are supported yearly from the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies of which we are a member. We became a member of the International Atherosclerosis Society in 2000 and have been acting as an international medical science group.

In 2001, the Korean Society for Lipidology merged with the Korean Society of Atherosclerosis which has the same objectives of our society. This integration led not only to the expansion in the size of the society, but also in the broader exchange and development of knowledge and studies. In Mar. 2001, the new society called the Korean Society of Lipid and Atherosclerosis (KSoLA) held a spring academic symposium.
Since 2004, it has held combined symposiums on circulatory organs in cooperation with the Korean Society of Cardiology (KSC) and the Korean Society of Echocardiography (KSE).

As one of our international academic activities, we successfully held the 5th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Atherosclerosis and Blood Vessel Related Disease at the Jeju Convention Center during April 12 to 15, 2006 with 2300 participants.


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