Welcome Message
Welcome to the Korean Society
of Lipid and Atherosclerosis (KSoLA).
Chairman Jaetaek Kim

The KSoLA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by the merger of the Korean Society of Lipid and the Korean Association for the Study of Atherosclerosis. Although the history of KSoLA is relatively short, our society provides significant research on products and specialized information on lipids and atherosclerosis to both health professionals and to the public. The mission of our society is to prevent and cure atherosclerosis, and to improve public awareness regarding the seriousness of atherosclerosis and its risk factors.

To fulfill this mission, our society has been funding research, publishing a scientific journal and treatment guidelines, as well as providing special information through a variety of scientific congresses and encouraging public awareness through regular events such as ‘cholesterol day’. Our mission is achieved through the active participation of our members and society. Moreover, atherosclerosis is not a domestic dilemma, we need to collaborate and communicate with health professionals and societies in other countries to share experiences and expertise to fulfill the entire mission.


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